OH SH|T j0o GAWT H4xD pUNk!!!111one!

well well look who aint got shit on THE 1337est m0s GANST3R CREW ON URTH! THE MUHTHAR FAWKiNG BFD9000SEC CREW! That stands for BIG FUCKING DICK and that sh|t is 0ver 9000 you better BELIEF!!!!

so w3 hurd u l|ke crypt3rs so wee decided to dump all jur source c0d3z! WE H0P3 u l|k3 that SHIT. maybe you shuld have released it 0pen src to begin with FAG!

if you d0nt alrdy n0 this packerr is described by th3 auth0r as:
rcrypt is a Windows PE binary crypter (a type of packer) that makes use of timelock techniques to cause a delay in execution. This delay can cause analysis to fail on time constrained systems such as on disk scanners. rcrypt can pack exes and dll files. PEs that use tls or other interesting features of the PE spec are not currently supported. I may add support for more spec features as time permits. In version 1.0 and 1.1 your funky active X and COM files will not work. If there is enough interest I will consider adding other features/support.

maybe if u ask n|c3ly we can h3lp teach u how 2 c0de b3tter TROLOLOL


shout outs to:

 - BFD9000Sec Crew