All posts for the month April, 2014

I have a couple new projects in the works that might get a public release (maybe one of them) as it seems like something that could be useful to the general public. New linux projects, new windows projects, and maybe new android projects too! A new year needs some new things and hopefully I’ll get enough time to myself to allow for some of these to see the light of day!

On a side note the reason I haven’t released rcrypt 1.5 officially is because there is literally no feature difference between it and 1.4 with the exception of 2 things.

1) rcrypt now evades AVG

2) i fixed a relocation miscalculation that causes relocation to fail if it is required (could definitely happen on occasion).

Until I add an actual valid new feature I probably won’t release 1.5 but we’ll see.


Turns out rcrypt didn’t work on Win8. This has been fixed in the unreleased rcrypt 1.5 as well lol. Still holding off releasing until something new is ready though ;]

3) rcrypt works on win8