All posts for the month April, 2019

Yeah I *do* have a huge backlog of cool projects I’ve been meaning to get back to or start…. One of which I may be getting to finally. However I did forget to mention one change I made earlier around the beginning of this year and that is that I’ve closed down the rcrypt website!

I had planned to release rcrypt v1.5 if I ever closed down the web interface for it but no longer think its necessary. In light of my current project it might be unnecessary to release it because the new thing supersedes rcrypt as its successor. Provided I don’t get further side tracked I will just release the new thing here and MAYBE create a brand new web interface for it also. We’ll see.

I might also detail in a later post the new box I’ve built which has completely updated my general workflow. I’ve consolidated 3 boxes (one of which ran headless servers via Xen) into one all powerful box (and switched to KVM). This is so much easier to manage and reduces my highly questionable electric bill.

Anyway just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and coding new sh\t. I suspect there will be some more changes to come as well but I will detail them here eventually.