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  1. I’ve been trying to connect my Chromecastration (CC) device for 2 days and like you decided to dig in a bit. I’ve come to the conclusion that its strictly designed for DHCP. Google assumes we are all stupid and can’t manage a static IP based network.

    I know very well I can get this working in a snap if I change my network over to DHCP but I refuse. Soooo I installed the CC into my TV, downloaded the CC app to my laptop. Got so far into it and couldn’t connect to the CC. I noticed my wifi indication kept going offline. Something was trying to change my wifi.

    After a few minutes of staring like a zombie, I said hey this is trying connect to the CC. Well my laptop has a static IP so if that’s whats going on it will never happen. I got the bright idea to set my laptop to “DHCP” mode, Sure enough I was now connected to the CC’s little wifi network.

    Like you I received an IP of etc. I was able to configure up to the point that it wanted my SSID/password for my wifi network. That’s when everything failed epically. Not having my packet sniffer I’m not sure what’s going on that it failed to connect to my wifi network.

    I suspect that its waiting for an IP address from my DHCP server that I don’t have and wont have !!!. So I got real smart for a minute and said how can I assign the CC an IP on my network without a DHCP server. Well my wifi router didn’t have what I needed.

    So I installed a DHCP server android app on my Samsung GS4. I verified that it does work with my IPAD – it received an IP address on my wifi network as a test.

    SO I have a mini DHCP server waiting for a request from the CC. I seen in the DHCP log a request from but it never sends out an IP like it did to my IPAD. At this point I said screw this and threw it the box and decided it was not worth the trouble.

    I also had the same issue with a Google Chromebook – same deal wants a DHCP IP.

    Sorry Google – Im not stupid – I’m not a clueless noob that cant configure a network.

    I did a google search for and found this blog – I’m surprised we are the only 2 that like to dig.

    Later !

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