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    • rcrypt is released as-is for free. My various windows projects, if I release publicly, are free to use but source is not shared. My linux projects usually get released open source on github. Thanks for the interest!

  1. So, I guess this won’t run properly in a VM? I tried to run v1.4 in a VMware based VM XP SP3 x86 but it crashes.

    I couldn’t test v1.5 because it is asking for a password to download the file. :O)

    • If you could give me some details of your environment I can test and see what the problem is. Also is it the packer or the packed binary that is crashing? This should work in a VM (with the exception being virtualbox)

  2. Would be really cool if you release the source for this so other people can see how this works and potentially improve it.

    Would be a great learning resource or perhaps accept a small donation in BTC for the source.

    • I certainly appreciate the interest but I find that releasing source is less educational than showing the methods and techniques themselves. I’ve provided the writeup for that purpose. This tool is written entirely in asm with only the command line interface stuff being in C so it might not be as useful as one might expect.

      I am always open to donations though as they help pay for stuff. See the donation page for more info.

  3. C:\>rcrypt.exe x64.exe
    rcrypt v1.4 c0ded by rage [Feiad Mohammed]

    This program was written for educational purposes only.
    I will not be held liable for any damage caused by the (mis)use
    of this tool.

    This tool was designed for peace, love, and rainbows. Any illegal
    use of this program is strictly prohibited and your sole responsibility.
    If you dont agree delete it and get back to your regularly scheduled
    opening file: x64.exe
    crypto brute force complexity has been set to value: 0x1fff (8191)
    not a 32bit binary..

    • 64bit binaries are not supported by rcrypt 1.x. The reason I feel it doesn’t matter is backward compatibility. I am, however, considering writing a version for 64bit binaries so people can run binaries that will only function on 64bit systems for whatever silly reason.

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